TF welcomes volunteers from India and from abroad, and works in conjuction with organizations such as Hodu Volunteers. These volunteers help in the various clinics, offices and villages with the community health programs, and also help with technology upgradation and fundraising, all while experiencing India from an insider’s view. Contact us or learn more about volunteer opportunities!
TF welcomes students from within India and abroad. TF has been providing a platform for students to carry out their curricular work. Students from various academic programs, such as health, social work, or management programs, can work here. Many students have done excellent action research studies and surveys as part of their assignments. Students also come here for exposure visits. Students from colleges affiliated with Sardar Patel University, and MS University come here regularly, and students from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Informational Technology and Gujarat Vidhyabith have been visiting this organization regularly. We have had students interning from Symbiosis University of Media and Communication, Pune as well.
TF’s human resources department and management in general are highly employee-friendly. From recruitment to exit, an employee is facilitated thoroughly. Although the employees are paid moderate salaries, honoraria and stipends, there is an all pervading spirit of volunteerism befitting a voluntary organization. Each employee not only performs his or her duty, but also contributes all skills for the activities of the organization. We have a small group which takes care of administrative tasks while the rest of the employees are engaged in program activities. The administrative group is also thoroughly sensitized to the needs of the programs and it addresses the program needs proactively.