Our strength


VHW or Grass root workers are our real strength.  They are chosen with the help of the Dairy Co-operative Societies from their own villages.

After an appropriate training the Village Health Workers to carry out health education and primary health care activities door-to-door, in groups and at the Dairy Co-operative Societies centers with confidence. She works for the village community.

Her job includes providing primary cure of common diseases, guidance to women during the pregnancy and the postnatal period, helping families in the new born care  and breast feeding of the young child, guiding the families about age appropriate complementary feeding of the child and helping in referral care. She also distributes sanitary napkin for menstrual hygiene, identifies suspected cataract cases and escorts them to near TF clinics.

Due to hard work and sincerity they have won acclaim and prestige in many villages.  In some villages they are known as ‘doctors’ because of their selfless and kind services 24×7.