Tribhuvandas Foundation always strives to improve the quality of services at all levels and the costs of the services remain as low as possible. It also strives to keep the administrative costs as low as possible. The maximum amounts are spent on programs; the program interventions are of standard benchmarks and quality with very high yield and the lowest cost. For example, by effectively implementing breastfeeding and appropriate complementary feeding of children, the infant mortality rate in the community goes down by almost 20%. For this reason, we always choose such interventions which have very low costs and very high yields.

Our Quality Policy

» We provide optimum care to our patients.

» We are an efficiently organized and highly motivated team in providing this care.

» We continuously increase our resources, skill and knowledge to provide the best care to our patients.

» We continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management system.

» We review and update our quality indicators/ objectives periodically.