Every year, Tribhuvandas Foundation treats more than 300,000 patients in various clinics and conducts more than 1800 deliveries in the maternity hospital at Kapadvanj / Anand center. There is a constant attempt to improve the standards of care and maintain a patient-friendly environment, and medicines and services are provided at the lowest rates. Tribhuvandas Foundation has plans to start a maternity home in Tarapur also.

The clinics run by Tribhuvandas Foundation are somewhat different from most clinics. Instead of being stand-alone or isolated clinics, these clinics are very much part of the community health programs. These clinics are not only the referral units for the community health programs, but they are also the drivers of the community health programs. Clinicians and paramedics working in these clinics are more of program officers/ coordinators/ assistants/ associates and less doctors and technicians.

The various clinics that are run by TF include:

♦ Ayurvedic Clinic

♦ Physiotherapy Clinic

♦ Dental Clinic

♦ Homeopathic Clinic

♦ Eye Camp